History and activity

Opes Group

An expert in the field of copper recycling

Opes Group was founded in 2015. In the beginning, the company dealt with a wide range of non-ferrous scrap metal. Over time, it has concentrated on the copper recycling industry.

At the moment, the company’s operations focus on acquisition of raw materials – electric cable scrap. Purchased materials are delivered to specialised metal recovery plants, where crushing and separation processes produce copper granulates and PVC recyclate.

The company develops partnerships with its suppliers and recipients in Europe, America and Asia.



Advanced, fully automated monitoring system of supplies and settlements with contractors.



Openness of precisely generated data, verified by cyclic tests. Prompt financial settlements.



Long-term relationships with our suppliers and recipients based on partnership



Effective cooperation with organisations from different geographic areas and diverse cultural backgrounds.


Urban Mining
DALL·E 2023-11-16 00.15.16 - Create an environmentally friendly and green-themed image, optimized for a size of 600x400, focusing on urban mining in the recycling of insulated cop

Opes Group follows the idea of Urban Mining. UM, or urban mining, is the process of recovering raw materials from used products, installations, infrastructural facilities and a wide range of waste. Recycling makes it possible to reuse all these materials and to save some of the world’s natural resources.

While selecting its means of transport, Opes Group makes every effort to limit so-called carbon footprint, e. g. by using intermodal transport.


Perspectives for the copper industry

Recycling as the pillar of development

Recycling and waste management are important elements of the supply chain

The non-ferrous metals industry, and especially copper thermal metallurgy, perceives recycling as one of the pillars of its strategic development. This approach results, on the one hand, from the expected more than threefold increase in demand for cooper and, on the other hand, from the significantly higher energy efficiency of recycling as compared to smelting metal from ore.

Opes Group has no intention to slow down.

The sustainable foundations for development built by our company enable us to make and implement plans of dynamic growth. The expansion of our network of partnerships into new continents, initiating the improvement of the technology for separation of copper granules and PVC recyclates in order to expand the possibility of their reuse, and, thanks to the symbiosis of ecology and business, constantly increasing the positive impact of the company on the environment.


Highly qualified specialists
MS nowe

Maciej Schefke

Commercial Director

T: +48 576 526 111


A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk.

Manager with more than 25 years of experience in sales and business development.

He has met major challenges and achieved successes in commercialisation of technical products for institutional clients on international markets. He believes that attention to partnership and win-win cooperation is the starting point for all achievements.

At Opes Group, he is responsible for developing the procurement of secondary raw materials, strengthening partnerships with suppliers in Europe and the Americas, taking efforts for further geographical diversification of the supplier base and building foundations for the company’s dynamic growth in the near future.

A golf enthusiast.

EG nowe

Ewelina Galek

Purchasing & Sales Manager

T: +48 883 111 592


A graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Georgia Perimeter College, Atlanta, USA.

Manager with nearly 10 years of experience in purchasing and supply chain management.

She began her career on the multicultural American market, where she gained valuable experience in implementation and organisation of purchase processes and project management enriched by analytics and forecasting.

In Opes Group, she is responsible for strategic purchasing activities, budget management, supervision over the implementation of projects and business relationships. A skilled negotiator and an expert in problem solving.

A traveller and culinary enthusiast.


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